Martina Pištěláková

Interior designer I managing director

Martina started creating interiors during creating her own home… After graduating at university focused on interiors, she actively started with her first projects. During working, she does not forget functionality and usefulness of the space. Creating interiors means adrenalin for her, constant learning, emotions and contact with people. She designs projects with other people and she also finishes them alone…
In 2012, she started our studio Martina Design.
Since 2015 you can watch her in a show about living JAK SE STAVÍ SEN at TV Prima.
Since 2018 she founded herself show LADÍME BYDLENÍ s Martinou on our YouTube chanel.
Since 7/2019 is partner of this project Wüstenrot.

Ondřej Lukeš

interior designer


We started to work with Ondra spotaneously at the end of 2019 when he helped us finish one of our bigger projects. He helps us with designs and sometimes even with visualizations. He brings a masculine and different perspective into our projects. Thanks to that we choose different materials and colors. He has his style, that he is confident in and we often break it a bit… . However our cooperation is definitely enriching, sometimes it is not easy, but we can see it hopefully in a good way in the quality of the finished projects. 

Ondra works with us at a distance because he lives in Zlín…

Ing. arch. Věra Fivebrová



Věrka is the newest member in our team. She studied architecture with Ing. arch. Martina Durdisová and even back then they used to co-work on some projects together. Later she got to try working in architectural studios both in Czech republic and abroad, because she wanted to gain different views on solving architectural projects. 

She will be utilizing this knowledge in our studio by creating interior designs and their documentations and we have to say that since she came in our studio we could see almost immediately her amazing process skills and her big energy to work.

Bára Hlásková

interior designer

Bara came to our design studio at the beginning of 2021. She studied interior desing and worked atd desingers ateliers and studios. She travelled abroad many times in five years, seeking new experiences and inspiration which she now applies in her designs and projects.

Ing. Renata Novotná

operation manager

Renata helps us make our work easier to have more time for client work, which we are best at.

She brings new points of view to our work. Sets processes and helps Martina with business and operation aspects of the company. 

Renata is one of those who replies to your message and invite you to our studio.

Kristýna Stará, DiS

office manager

Kristýna connects us all interpersonally. Thanks to her our office has an administrative order.
She is probably going to be the first person you communicate with when you send us an inquiry.
She helps us with our projects, ordering goods and she also communicates with our clients, suppliers and partners.

She was Martina’s right hand while working on the programme LADÍME BYDLENÍ.
We can rely on her to deal with everything that the rest of us don’t have time for. 


Ing. arch. Martina Durdisová




Martina tvořila 5 let pevné duo s Martinou P. a stále je klíčovým členem týmu. Aktuálně je na mateřské a těšíme se, až se k nám zase vrátí.

Martina really loves making interiers up and that is why she has found us. She is strong in combining styls and colors. She is hardworking, kind and she always provides us with her beautiful and positive work approach...

Ing. arch. Jan Strachoň

architect and graphic Designer

Honza is a young architect who we found by pure chance, and we liked his work. He prepares visualizations for us, which help our clients better envision their future space during our presentations ...


Petr Múčka

3D grafik

Petr is our graphic of visualization. He helps us to present our projects in real vision. Petr´s advantage is that he is as crazy as we are, he is a workaholic and he is permanently in action with us. He evidently likes his work.