Martina Pištěláková

Interior designer I manager

Martina started creating interiors during creating her own home… After graduating at university focused on interiors, she actively started with her first projects. During working, she does not forget functionality and usefulness of the space. Creating interiors means adrenalin for her, constant learning, emotions and contact with people. She designs projects with other people and she also finishes them alone…
In 2012, she started our studio Martina Design.
Since 2015 you can watch her in a show about living “How to build a dream” at TV Prima

Ing. arch. Martina Durdisová




Martina is the youngest member of our tem, but it does not mean that she is less important. Since she became a part of our team, our proposals are better, more quality and it is necessary to say that our chemistry really works. She really likes creating interiors and that’s why she joined us… Her strong domain is combining styles and colors. She is hardworking, kind and sometimes she has her own world, but we are really tolerant, because it wouldn´t be her.

Ing. arch. Helena Paz


Helena is a great technical architect and she solves large projects. She is real, fast and she brightly reacts to difficulties and their solution, which occur during our work very often. She is the only one authorized architect and she is able to build houses and submit for a building permit. She is the most experienced and she can always professionally help us.

Petr Múčka

3D grafik

Petr is our graphic of visualization. He helps us to present our projects in real vision. Petr´s advantage is that he is as crazy as we are, he is a workaholic and he is permanently in action with us. He evidently likes his work.