How we work

We focus on flats and commercial space interiors. We like to design and also finalize them with supervision of the whole realization. We have our own style and methods of work and if you let us to work in our way, we will get to the successful end. 

When contact us

When it is ideal to contact us

The sooner, the better. The ideal state is to contact us before buying a flat because we can help you with an estimate of costs for furnishing and we can also help you with the disposition of the flat. When we start working after buying your flat, sometimes you can find out that the disposition of the flat are not good for you, but the flat will be bought.

When it still has a large sense

When you buy a flat and you can choose standards. You can unknowingly choose standards, which will have negative impact to the whole interior. You will help us and also yourself to have the best interior, which we will able to create.  

When it is still possible, but you should expect some construction work and also a little patience

Sometimes, people contact us because their friend – architect or another colleague created a project of their house, but they were not confident with the design of the interior and we have to save it. We will be glad to help you, but you should expect some time and maybe suspension of construction because we will have to repair mistakes, which can have a bad influence on a good interior. Many times, there are wiring and water but you should understand that for forty or more percent it is not good for our proposal and there will have to be some changes.
In the case of a completed flat in a new building, we will have to change wiring and water and there can also be change of doors. The complete painting is a necessary part. We will create the flat in our way, but there is no reason to worry. 
During reconstruction, you can contact us before contacting anyone else. You can avoid changing of the task, delays of the whole process, wasting time with suppliers, which you will not need. Everything is mainly about your time… Furthermore, the most important is a disposition and also a joiner because a kitchen studio will not give you the view which is very important.   

You can also contact us in another case, everything can be solved when both sides want.  


How to proceed

1 The first, contact us, by email or formulary on our websites and try to pertinently describe us your needs or send us some photos of your space, which you want to change or create – you will give us a better ideal

2 We will have an appointment and we will talk about future steps, which wait us. We will also question you for creating the interior made to measure.

Our meeting can be at us or at you. It is a paid consultation, but if we cooperate together in the future, the calculation is deducted. It is because of our time protection. All words and information, which we will tell you are from our practice, schools and they can really help you…

4 After our appointment, you will get an offer of our services, costs of the whole investing and we will talk about the interior inspiration, which you like because we need to define your style.  

5 We will start cooperating which we firm up together…