5.000,- CZK per hour

We will advise you with your project during the consulting appointment. We will design individual components or combination of equipment, materials and colours. We add sketches and some notes, which we can send you by an email. We can also advise you where to search and what to buy and we will help you with estimation of financial demands of realization.
We can have a consultation on Skype or Facetime, when you are abroad or in another place than we are.

Our first appointment is paid is, but if we cooperate together in the future, the calculation is deducted. It is because of our time protection. All words and information, which we will tell you are from our practice, schools and they can really help you…



The price is set individually
According to scope of our work
In the range from 10.000 to 40.000 CZK

You don´t want to solve the interior design, but you don´t know what to do with the space? The disposition is the most important thing. We begin with the disposition even in a current cooperation with designs. The right lay out of the disposition is minimum 70 percent of a great designed interior. The kitchen or bathroom studios design your kitchen or bathroom but they do not lay out the rest of your flat and space! Even a developer plan do not have to mean a good layout for you. 

Interior design / study

The price is set individually
According to the scope of our work
In the range from 50.000 to 140.000 CZK
After a detail specification and personal visit of your space, we will prepare an introductory study of interior layout with estimation of financial budget of total realization. Our project includes initial variants of the disposition. We will choose one of them and we will design your interior. For initial design, we prefer live presentation, it is better for both sides. You will hear our arguments and you can also respond to us. You can expect detailed presentation with individual views of rooms and the closing part contains photorealistic visualization for you better and more concrete imagine. We will also talk about selected products with references to shops where you can buy them. 
After common agreement, we can move the design to realization. We will be glad to help you.


The price is set individually
In accordance with a range of our work
To our work belong 2D drawings. We couldn´t assign our designs to worker and supplier companies without these drawings.
To our project belongs this part and you should expect at least wiring and plumbing for working purposes. And you should also expect a joiner when we prepare designs of rooms. It is not about project documentation or production drawings. Each company prepares their own drawing documentation for their own purposes.  


The price is set individually 
The tariff is set for a day

We like to control everything and we like having all under our control. That is the only way how can our design become a reality. It will save your time, energy and also money or potential nerves- which you can have because of the construction and workmen. During the realization there can be some complication or something must be solved actively, so our presence is welcomed. 

Ordering goods

Prices are liable to products prices

After specification of all what is necessary, we will provide complete order from companies and suppliers on whose services or goods you will be interested in. We will provide prices, terms of delivery, transport conditions and also a method of payment. We will prepare time schedule and arrange the delivery to your address. Within the project cooperation, it is a good way to spend your time and also your money.